Iziah [VRChat Avatar 3.0] [Physbones!] [DPS!]

Dragon Boi Designs
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♥ SDK 3.0 Avatar

♥ Tank Top Dissolve

♥ Jacket Dissolve

♥ Pants Dissolve w/NSFW (DPS!)

♥ Shoes Dissolve

♥ Rings Dissolve

♥ Glasses Dissolve

♥ Hat Dissolve

♥ Earring Dissolve

♥ Full Emission RGB Control for Tattoos

♥ Full Emission RGB Control for Hair

♥ Custom Skin and Tattoo Texture done by Me!

♥ Emission is based on World Lighting, bright worlds show no emissions, dark worlds show the emission.

♥ Locomotion Toggle in Menu

♥ Uses Physbones!

♥ Organized Package - Properly named materials, textures, and folders.

♥ Custom Gestures with Write Defaults Off (And for everything else)

♥ All materials are using Ambient Occlusion and Metallics and Specular to reflect the lighting of the world accurately, no Matcaps, all PBR.


Pictures taken by: !pearla#1519

Head: Here

Hair: Here

Body: Here

Pants: Here

Shoes: Here

Jacket: Here

Rings: Here

Necklace: Here

Glasses: Here

Hat: Here

Tank Top: Here

Locomotion: Here

DPS: Here

Shader - Poiyomi Pro 8: Here

VRLabs Marker: Here

  • Ready to import Unity Package!

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    612 MB
  • Ready to import Unity Package!
  • Size612 MB


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Iziah [VRChat Avatar 3.0] [Physbones!] [DPS!]

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